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    Video marketing is one of the main axes of internet marketing. It uses a short video as a tool for advertisement. Business owners and managers are looking to produce a short video or animation to:

    1. ·Introduce a business and show its strengths
    2. · Introduce a product and how to use it
    3. ·Teach how to use a service or a tool, a software,…etc
    4. · Provide tips on a product maintenance or a product itself
    5. · A training, an event,… etc

    How to make video motion to advertise your business:

    Making a video motion requires skills, expertise and artistic taste.  It requires knowledge on how to produce teaser, animation and motion graphics. Working in this field requires learning a few software or the easier way would be asking companies’ that works in the field of advertising and video marketing and has experience to do it for you. We are here to help you.

    motion graphics
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    Why you should ask a motion graphic studio:

    Because this is our job and we are doing this for year. We make the videos for you based on your needs and  the only thing you will be doing is sharing the promotional videos that you have in different ways on social media, your website, Facebook, ,.…as a result you will get more visitors and grow your business by attracting more customers and audiences.

    Alternative solution for you:

    An alternative solution for you could be taking advantage of movie sharing services such as YouTube and Vimeo

    Motion graphic use in video marketing:

    For example you have an online store where you can put educational material and promotional videos of your products on your website and online store next to your products, or you can create an educational blog, post those videos, and link to your store. But most companies disapprove of this, believing that using video will slow down their website and make their site heavier and run slower.

    Why using Graphic Motion?

    Every start up is facing cost problems at the beginning, starting, running and most importantly making a business successful is difficult. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not pay much attention to advertising because of their limited initial capital, which makes them fail. We know by experience that the best way to make a startup successful and be seen through advertising, but what kind of advertising will be useful that is both low-cost and has the most impact on the viewer? Our answer to you is to use Motion Graphics in advertising for a number of reasons that you can read below:

    1. People are no longer interested in long reads and are more attracted to photos and if that photo is moving it will have the most hits.
    2. People love watching lovely and colorful animations.
    3. Motion graphics are a lot less expensive than animation and video commercials.
    4. The most difficult and complex content can be described by motion graphics and short animations.
    5. Watching this type of video marketing is appealing to all ages.
    motion graphics
    motion graphics studio

    How to Start Video Marketing?

    1st Step

    To introduce your brand, organization or product and services, we propose an introduction teaser or a Logo Motion. Logo Motion helps you immensely to be seen

    2nd Step

    We propose a Video Marketing video for your product and/or services.

    3rd Step

    The third step is to approve your service or product in the customer’s eyes so it is best to create a graphic animation for your product and service that stays in client minds.

    This was a brief overview of this fascinating world. With many years of experience in the field of digital marketing and especially in our field of talk, the Tookaa website can be your support and guarantee to make your business successful.

     We can help you at the best price and quality so that you can grow your business as much as possible.

    Thank you for joining us and choosing us.

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